Abbi and Ilana are the idols of a largely underserved and under-chronicled female id.”

"Men have managed to get away with prolonged adolescence, on the screen and in life, in a way that women haven’t. “Women always have to be the eye rollers, as the men make a mess,” Poehler said. “We didn’t want that. Young women can be lost, too.””

— Id Girls - the comedy couple behind “Broad City.” (Nick Paumgarten for the new yorker)

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Abbi raving about Orange is the New Black; Laura raving about Orphan Black; Tatiana raving about Broad City.

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"Instead of focusing on how much you can accomplish, focus on how much you can absolutely love what you’re doing."

Leo Babauta (via observando)
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Helpful evil 


If you are an artist, when you get stuck, draw bigger and on tracing paper when you are stuck. Consider this manual photoshop. Use scissors, trace, refine.

If you are a writer, when you get stuck, get a pad of paper and at least two colors of pen that contrast. When you get…

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Jeff “Vintage Dick” Goldblum in GQ Magazine, September 2014

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#seriously #when I grow up I wanna be Jeff Goldblum 

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We actually have pictures that great of Mars, a planet about 225 million kilometers (140 million miles) away from us.
Image copyright: NASA

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deadpool understands me


deadpool understands me

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